Inflation: camping holidays with a tight budget ?

Inflation: camping holidays with a tight budget ?
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Camping holidays with a tight budget, can it be possible? Actually, most of the European countries have lifted the sanitary barriers that have prevented them from opening up to the outside world. For your next holidays, you will be able to travel to the other side of the world. However, a further problem arises: the world inflation caused by the huge increase in energy prices. Your limited budget can represent a barrier that may refrain you from planning a trip. In any case, it shouldn’t make you miss this opportunity. Camping holidays with a tight budget are possible. In this article, we will provide all the key tips to plan your camping holidays: lodging, destination, catering and entertainment.

Chose a destination that matches with you budget

This year, to enjoy the fullest of your camping holidays with a tight budget, you can decide to stay in France. Indeed, the French territory has a lot of camping choices that can match with all the budgets and according to your headcount, whether you’re going solo, with friends, in couple or with your family. Among these choices, we have Vendée, the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur or even the Pays de la loire in Pyrénées-Athlantiques.

Find the right moment to get on camping holidays

Commonly, we would prefer to go on holidays during summer. However, in order to not give up to your desire to go on vacation this year, you need to calculate your expenses properly. For camping holidays with a tight budget, opt for off-season. You will notice a huge difference in terms of rates. Besides that, think of searching for promotional opportunities on internet some times.

Camping with a tight budget : finding the right moment

Opt for a low cost means of travel

In order to make the least expenses during your camping holidays with a tight budget, forget the train or the flight tickets. If you’re going with your family or with friends, the invested budget in airline tickets will be extremely expensive. Nothing is better than land transport, as you only have to pay the tolls and the fuel. If you are moving solo, but when a proposal to carpool with another person comes up, it’s an opportunity you shouldn’t pass up.

Camping holidays with a tight budget and lodging: various adapted solutions

Camping holidays are those that offer the maximum of hosting possibilities. Whether for camping at sea, in the countryside or in the mountains, you can find an accommodation adapted to your needs. Depending on your budget, you can for example opt for a tent, a chalet or a bungalow rental. These are all excellent and inexpensive hosting alternatives. You can save even more money by combining lodging and mean of transport. How? By renting a van or a camping-car. This way, you will be accommodated, and at the same time, you will be able to move anytime as you like.

Avoid unnecessary expenditure on equipment

You aren’t equipped enough for camping holidays? We do not recommend unnecessary expenses on camping accessories. You don’t have to buy new equipments, as renting systems are often proposed to you once on site. Alternatively, you can also ask your relatives if they have any, and ask them to lend it to you just for the time of your holidays.

Camping with a tight budget : Avoid unnecessary expenditure

Stock up food before you leave

We are all aware that food products sold on touristic groceries cost a lot more expensive. To save even more money during your camping holidays with a tight budget, think of doing the shopping in advance. Store the easy transporting and preserving foods inside your bag. Also make sure that these foods are suitable for all crew. This will enable you to not make unnecessary spending on diner, lunch or restaurant once on site. Of course, it means that you’ll have to cook. What we are not ready to do to go on holiday!

Have fun without having to spend anything

During your camping holidays with a tight budget, don’t let yourself be tempted with fee-paying activities. This would only increase your expenses. Instead, choose free but fun activities, such as swimming in the sea, go on short hikes, organize open air playing games… Camping often propose many free activities for holidaymakers, so why not take advantage of it?


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