Going back to work after holidays: advice on how to get your motivation back

Going back to work after holidays: advice on how to get your motivation back
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You still have sand in your hair, mud on your shoes and the habit of getting up at 11am… yet you need to get back on track to get back to work? Holidays never last long enough, but if you want to travel again next year, you need to work again. Here is some advice on how to find your motivation back!

Prepare for your return home

If you find your house or your shop clean when you return, this will increase your motivation. Of course, you’re most likely not going to clean everything on the day you get back. Did you know that, with websites such as Helpling, you can ask them to come clean your house a day or two before you return from holidays? Cleaning can after all, demand a lot of time and energy, especially if you don’t have the necessary products.

Ask your staff to get back to work a couple days before you get back, as long as it’s possible of course. Your gardener can start tending to your plants, your nanny can prepare the children’s arrival by tidying their room… If you own a company, your assistant may start to organise your appointments, class your files…

Avoid completely disconnecting while on holidays

If for example, you had to ask someone to watch your animals or your garden while you were away, ask for news regularly. In case a problem arises, you’ll be able to tell them what to do as well as mentally prepare for it once you get back home. For example, you’ll be able to book an appointment at the vet if your animal is feeling unwell.

If you own a business, avoid completely disconnecting from your company while on holidays. Working an hour a day can often be enough to stay up to date, and it will be easier to get back on track once you return from your holidays. At least do this for the first week of your holidays, if you’re away for several weeks.

Don’t push yourself too much

If for this, you need to get back to work a few days earlier, then it’s the best option. If time is missing and your schedule is already completely booked, don’t hesitate to reach out for help.

Forcing yourself to get back on track with everything in only a couple days will most likely negate all the positive things you accumulated during your holidays. And now is not the time to get sick.

You can set goals for the next days and weeks. For parents, deadlines often set themselves, and if you have to get back to work, try to give yourself time to get used to daily tasks again.

Keep taking care of yourself

Just because holidays are over doesn’t mean you should stop taking care of yourself. Maintaining your tan for as long as possible will help with your mental health, and can contribute to your motivation.

Bear in mind that the negative effects of the sun can catch up to you even after your holidays, so keep using skincare products and be wary of potential marks caused by the sun.

Allow yourself to have breaks when you need it. It is possible that your body will need time to readjust to your daily life. Do things that help you escape, whether it’s working out, baking… this will help you to slowly get back on track.

Delegate some tasks

Keep things in perspective, because priorities can differ from person to person. Find someone trustworthy to whom you can delegate some tasks, or ask around for help.

If you’re a student, you can ask friends to share their list of useful books. Your parents may help you with the things you need to buy…

Prioritise some missions and focus on the things you don’t wish to delegate. At home, it may be preparing the start of your children’s school year. At work, it could be something like the negotiation of prices with your suppliers and clients.

Create a check-list of your motivations

Maybe you’ve already achieved your goal for the year, and that’s the reason you wen on holidays? Well, now is the time to find new goals! Write them down and put them somewhere you can see them: this is sure to keep you motivated.

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