Review of French Solution for Crypto Tax Calculation

Review of  French Solution for Crypto Tax Calculation
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Waltio, established in 2019, is the brainchild of Pierre Morizot and Benjamin Chevallereau. This innovative startup positions itself as a key player in the crypto asset sector, offering a cutting-edge solution for the calculation and reporting of income from these assets.

Its primary mission is to facilitate and secure the tax reporting of cryptocurrency investments, a task often complex and confusing for investors.

With over 50,000 users, including 10,000 for the paid versions, Waltio demonstrates its ability to meet a growing need in the market.

Customer Reviews on Waltio

Our Summary of Customer Reviews Customer feedback for Waltio paints a very positive image of the company, with predominantly high ratings. Here is a detailed analysis of the reviews:

Overall Satisfaction and Tool Functionality

The majority of clients express high satisfaction with the usefulness and functionality of the Waltio tool. Users find it particularly effective in managing the complexity of crypto asset taxation. Feedback underscores the tool’s ability to simplify and clarify the tax declaration process, a crucial point for users with limited tax knowledge.

Customer Service and Responsive Technical Support

A highly valued aspect by clients is the quality of Waltio’s customer service. Reviews highlight a responsive, competent, and personable support team. Several comments mention the support team’s efficiency in resolving technical issues and providing personalized assistance, indicating a high level of commitment to customer satisfaction.

Pricing Model

While most clients are satisfied, some express concerns about the pricing model, finding it expensive, especially for small investors. However, the company appears receptive to customer feedback on costs, suggesting a willingness to adjust its pricing or offer customized solutions to meet the needs of different user profiles.

Responsiveness and Management of Customer Feedback

Waltio shows great responsiveness to customer feedback, consistently responding to reviews and taking concrete actions such as refunds or service adjustments. This proactive approach demonstrates a strong commitment to continuous improvement and customer satisfaction.

Reliability and Regulatory Compliance

Clients appreciate Waltio’s reliability in terms of tax compliance, highlighting the importance of this service in a complex and constantly evolving regulatory field. The presence of a legal team and attention to regulatory details are strong points that enhance user trust. Waltio emerges as a solid and reliable player in the field of crypto asset taxation, offering exceptional customer service and an efficient platform, despite some concerns related to its pricing model. The company shows a strong ability to listen and respond to its clients’ needs, a considerable asset for its reputation and ongoing growth.

Fundraising and Expansion

2023 marked a significant milestone for Waltio with a substantial fundraising of 18 million euros. This financial backing, supported by major players like Crédit Agricole Capital Développement and various business angels, underscores the market’s confidence in Waltio’s potential.

These funds are earmarked for supporting the company’s expansion into other European markets. Additionally, Waltio plans to integrate artificial intelligence technologies to refine the collection and analysis of data related to cryptocurrency transactions.

Presence in the European Market

Currently, Waltio is mainly active in France, Belgium, and Spain. However, the company has great ambitions to extend its presence to other European countries, adapting to the tax specifics of each market. Moreover, it plans to integrate operations related to DeFi (Decentralized Finance) solutions, thus enhancing its offer in terms of automation and coverage of cryptocurrency transactions.

Unique Features and a Strong Value Proposition

Waltio stands out in the market by its ability to offer solutions tailored to a wide range of users, from individuals to professionals. The platform offers different pricing formulas, ranging from a free version to premium options, each adapted to the specific needs of users in terms of transaction volume and tax complexity. This flexibility and adaptability form the core of Waltio’s value proposition.

Adaptation to Tax Regulations

The regulatory environment surrounding crypto assets is constantly evolving. Waltio addresses this challenge by having a dedicated team of legal experts monitoring regulatory developments. This team ensures that the platform always complies with the latest tax regulations.

Furthermore, Waltio plays a crucial role in collecting and disseminating aggregated market trend information, thereby enabling a better understanding and adaptation of tax laws related to crypto assets.

Partnerships and Collaborations

Strategic partnerships with various cryptocurrency exchanges play a key role in Waltio’s success. These collaborations enable the platform to offer comprehensive and accurate coverage of its users’ transactions, thus enhancing the reliability and completeness of the tax declarations generated. These partnerships also reflect Waltio’s commitment to offering a holistic solution in managing cryptocurrency tax matters.

Vision and Growth Strategy

Waltio’s long-term vision is based on a diversified growth strategy. This strategy includes expanding its service offerings, diversifying its solutions to cover more aspects of crypto asset taxation, and intensifying its presence in the European market. Waltio


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