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The video game world is buzzing with the highly anticipated announcement of GTA 6. A burning question arises: will the game be available on PS4 or Xbox One?

The short answer is: NO. GTA 6 marks a new era, launching exclusively on next-generation consoles, the PS5, and the Xbox Series X/S.

Impact on PS4 and Xbox One Players

This decision raises questions for PS4 owners. What does this mean for them? Will they need to switch to the new generation to experience GTA 6? The answer is yes, it’s time to move on to the new generations of consoles.

Technical Advantages of the New Consoles

The exclusivity on the new consoles is not without reason. The advanced technical capabilities of the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S will allow GTA 6 to push the limits in terms of graphics, gameplay, and immersion.

What are the leaks and revelations about the game?

Main Characters

GTA 6 will feature two main characters, including for the first time a woman named Lucia, who seems to be the main character. The other playable character is a man who does not yet have an official name. In earlier leaks, he was referred to as Jason, but this name has not been confirmed in the officially released material. An early development leak revealed the names of the main characters. In this sixth installment, we meet Jason and Lucia. Their exact relationship is unclear – siblings, relatives, or perhaps partners, with the latter seeming more likely.

Setting and Location

The game will primarily take place in Vice City, a fictional city inspired by Miami. This will be the third time the GTA series visits this city. The game will also include a vast natural environment around Vice City, with islands and oceans playing a significant role. Envisioned as a modern-day Bonnie and Clyde, this pair of outlaws, both in their 30s, navigate the criminal underworld of the United States. Jason is a former cartel member, and Lucia, a local of Vice City (modeled after Miami), is tied to a Latino gang.

Subsequent leaks have provided more insight into Lucia’s background. She is rumored to have a teenage son, a pivotal character in the narrative. This is a novel element in the GTA series, where previously, even the youngest characters, like Michael’s son in GTA V, were adults.

Release Date and Platforms

GTA 6 is scheduled for release in 2025. The game has been announced for the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S consoles, with no mention of a PC version at this time. To date, no pre-orders or special editions have been announced, nor has any specific price been specified.

Records and Reception

The GTA 6 trailer broke three world records according to the Guinness World Records, including the most viewed video game reveal on YouTube in 24 hours, with over 90 million views. It also recorded the most “likes” for a video game trailer on YouTube within the first 24 hours.

Game Elements

GTA VI will include rich fauna and flora, with more than 16 species of animals present in the first trailer. Additionally, the game will offer a wide range of vehicles, including cars, motorcycles, airplanes, helicopters, and boats.

Fan Reactions and Creations

Shortly after the release of the first GTA VI trailer, internet users began recreating sequences from the trailer in real life, highlighting the game’s landscapes, buildings, and references to social networks.

Speculations about Characters

There is speculation that the male character in the trailer might not be Jason, as suggested in earlier leaks. These theories are based on differences in physique and the fact that his first name is not mentioned in the trailer.

There’s been ongoing speculation about the size of the game’s map, with some suggesting it spans multiple cities across the United States. While not officially confirmed, leaked images hint at a game world far more expansive than GTA V’s.

Leakers also suggest that GTA VI will feature several updates, potentially expanding the map. This might mean the game won’t initially offer full access to all areas, with additional content and DLCs unlocking more regions over time.

These leaks and theories surrounding GTA 6 show the immense anticipation and excitement for the next chapter of this iconic video game series.


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