How to tackle with greenies?

How to tackle with greenies?
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How horrible! You woke up one morning to see that your nail is all green. Why is it? What’s the trouble? Am I going to lose my nail? Have I caught bacteria? How am I going to hide it? We’re going to answer all of your questions in this article.

What are greenies caused by?

The color “green” is already an indication

Seeing a green spot on a part of your body is something strange. So, you’re really right to worry about it. And if your nail is getting green, you obviously will make a lot of hypothesis.

Even if having greenies is something uncommon and disturbs many people, unless the person has already experienced the same thing before, be sure that there’s nothing to worry about and it’s easy to cure it. The website “Goutte de sable” will give you some natural cues.

But, before all, you should know that your nail is getting green because you’ve caught bacteria. In fact, the nail of your hand or foot can become green when it’s ill. Greenies are not common and are caused by a change in your nail.

Fake nails as the main cause of greenies

Wearing fake nails is the main cause of greenies. When the fake nail is getting unstuck, air bubbles are forming in between. One or two nails are generally concerned in this case. The principal causes are then:

  • Working with your hands in wet places
  • Diabetes
  • Former traumatism
  • Immunosuppression
  • Or, as we have already mentioned , wearing fake nails

Greenies appear when there is water infiltration. This is due to the fact that the fake nail is peeling off and water stays in one place, so the green mark appears.

Greenies are in fact caused by an infection called pseudomonas: the nail is getting green. Even if this discoloration seems to be a mould, this is not the case.

Mould is not a pathogenic agent for human beings. This green discoloration on the nail is really caused by a bacterial infection.

The spores of the bacteria can remain stuck between the nail and the acrylic cover. In case of peeling off and if you’ve done a lot of work with your nails the pseudomonas can infect the nail. In fact, as we have already said previously, this bacterium develops in dump places, but it is not a mycosis or a fungus.

How to take out greenies?

Have nail laying less frequent

If the greenies are due to nail laying, the best thing to do is to stop it and to get antifungal medicine to treat the problem: let your nail have a rest and give it time to get rid of the wet and some of the oil on the surface, which is the origin of the pseudomonas. This will stop the spores for multiplying. The germs cannot proliferate once the resin is taken out and the nail is put out to the air and washed correctly.

Take care of your nails correctly and keep them clean: These are the most essential things you should do to have your nails healthy and to get rid of greenies.

Choose for a homemade cure

Another solution is to dip your nails in diluted vinegar or to have a 2% hypochlorite of sodium bath. In fact, pseudomonas cannot resist acetic acids and this will make it disappear very quickly. 

Remember that if you make your nail file pass on the green surface, the green color may disappear, but it doesn’t mean that the germs are gone away. We must cure the pseudomonas to avoid the spreading of the bacteria.

We shouldn’t forget that bacteria are infectious. You’d better disinfect all the surfaces which were in contact with your nails, and if possible throw away the nail fails you’ve used. They can transmit the bacteria. Avoid using contaminated tools, like metal and file. Clean and disinfect them carefully and correctly.


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