Importance of an Elliptical Bike’s Stride Length

Importance of an Elliptical Bike’s Stride Length
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Beginners looking to buy an elliptical bike may wonder what the stride length (or “step length”) of an elliptical bike means, and how it relates to the efficiency of this machine. The stride length of an elliptical bike is one of the main features of this type of equipment and greatly influences your workout. Let’s delve into this in detail!


If you want optimal comfort during your workout, it’s important to consider the stride length of your elliptical bike. It corresponds to the distance between the pedals. The longer it is, the larger your stride will be. This is an essential factor because it has a direct impact on your movement and how you feel on the bike.

A proper step length also helps prevent certain pains, such as in the adductors. Step length should be one of the critical criteria to consider when purchasing your elliptical bike. In our opinion, you should prioritize step length over features like a fan, USB port, or even workout programs.


Before purchasing an elliptical bike, make sure the model fits your height:

  • If you’re under 1.70m: you’re considered small statured. In this case, a stride length between 30 cm and 40 cm is sufficient.
  • If you’re between 1.70m and 1.80m: you’re of average stature. A stride length between 40 cm and 50 cm is ideal.
  • If you’re over 1.80m: you’re tall! In this case, you should choose an elliptical bike with a stride length of at least 50 cm or more. The downside? This length is hard to find in budget cross trainers. Adjustable stride elliptical bikes are available. These are ideal as they allow you to find the perfect stride length for the best experience. Moreover, a cross trainer with an adjustable stride is perfect if multiple household members use the same machine: everyone can decide the stride length that suits them. No need to compromise or buy a second machine for another height.


Having the right stride length allows you to pedal longer on the elliptical bike. With a suitable step length, movements are natural and comfortable. You don’t have to force or restrict your stride. On the contrary, you can pedal longer and more effectively. You don’t need frequent breaks. A proper step length also provides a better range of motion and more stability. A correct stride length on an elliptical bike allows for a natural pedaling motion. The movements are comfortable, preventing muscle pain. However, a stride that’s too short is not recommended. You might feel cramped on the bike and limited in your efforts. You’ll feel you’re not fully utilizing the machine’s potential.

💡 In some cases, having the perfect stride length isn’t mandatory. Entry-level elliptical bikes often have a stride length of less than 35 cm, which is only suitable for short individuals. But can average and tall individuals use this equipment?

👉 Yes, they can… but only for occasional workouts or for general fitness. In this scenario, working out on a cross trainer with a short stride isn’t too bothersome. However, if your workouts become frequent or even daily, we strongly advise opting for a mid or high-end machine, allowing for a longer, more tailored stride.


Stride length is a crucial factor to consider when buying an elliptical bike or during a training session. It should be determined based on the user’s height and feelings. The more regularly you intend to use the bike, the more important this stride length becomes. Some machines offer adjustable stride lengths.


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