20 hacks to save energy

20 hacks to save energy
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The excessive energy consumption is a problem that affects each and every one of us. As the first cause of the increase of electricity bills, we need to do something about it, and the best solution is to reduce our electricity consumption.

Here are 20 hacks that you can use to consume less electricity at home.

Hunt for appliances on sleep mode

It’s important to know that appliances (TV, computers, microwaves, etc.) on sleep mode still consume electricity. Therefore, make sure that you switch them off when you don’t use them, but also unplug them, as a plugged-in appliance, even turned off, will still consume electricity.

Eteindre les appareils pour des économies d'électricité

Avoid leaving the light on if you don’t need it

Every time you leave a room, remember to switch the lights off. This will contribute to saving energy. Also try to make the most out of natural daylight.

Favour the “eco” programs on your washing machine and dishwasher

Washing machines and dishwashers consume more when it comes to water heating. The “eco” mode or program, while taking longer, also uses water less hot.

Only use your washing machine and dishwasher when they’re full

Using your washing machine on half-load may consume less water, but it consumes as much electricity as it would if it were full. Therefore, make sure you wait until you can fill your washing machine before running it.

If you also wish to save on cleaning products, you can use the “cleaning nut”, which comes from the Sapindus Mukorossi tree, also called “soap tree”.

Don’t use a clothes dryer

A clothes dryer is a real electricity-guzzler (approximately 200kWh per year), so if you can, let your clothes dry in the open air.

Use LED lamps

If you wish to save electricity, LED lamps are heavily recommended. They may be more expensive, but they also last longer and are the best for domestic lighting.

Faire des économies d'électricité en utilisant des lampes à LED

Put a lid on your pots and pans

When you cover your pots and pans, the cooking process is faster, which means that you can save up to 25% energy when you use a lid.

Opt for induction plates

It is recommended to use induction plates instead of ceramic or electrical plates, since they allow to make electricity savings between 30 and 50%.

Limit the size of your television

In order to save electricity, you can also reconsider the size and features of your television. Larger television sets consume more electricity.

Switch off your router when you don’t use it

A router can consume more than 200kWh per year, as much as a clothes dryer. It’s therefore better to switch it off when you don’t need it.

Check the energy label before you buy a new appliance

Electricity savings that you can make with the best ranked appliances shouldn’t be overlooked. Each rank difference equates to a difference of 15 to 20% of energy consumption.

Etiquette énergie pour faire des économies d'électricité

Switch off hot water

Don’t let your mixing valve on the intermediate position. You can wash your hands or your vegetables with cold water to consume less electricity.

Insulate your pipes and hot water tank

In order to avoid heat waste, surround your pipes and hot water tank with insulation. This is even more important if your hot water tank is placed in a non-heated location.

Adjust the temperature of your hot water tank

Put the temperature between 50 and 55°C. This is enough to both limit the development of bacteria and reduce electricity consumption.

Manage the heating temperature in the various rooms of your house

Putting the same temperature in every room is not essential. Indeed, while some rooms are being used all day, and therefore need to be heated accordingly, others don’t need to be heated to a high temperature all the time.

Reduce the heating temperature if you’re away

It’s also useless to heat your house as usual if you’re away (especially on long periods of time, if, for example, you’re on vacation). If you’re not home, lower the heating temperature by a few degrees.

Don’t let the cold air in

Close the fireplace inserts (if you have one) and your basement doors. However, don’t seal the ventilation grids as they are essential in order to maintain the quality of the hair in your accommodation.

Keep the heat inside

At night, always close your blinds, and draw back your curtains to avoid letting the cold in (or the heat out). In this way, you’ll have a room more comfortable to be in without needing to boost heating.

Instal a wood-burner

Wood is a renewable energy, and is also less expensive. There is a large selection of wood-burners that use either logs or wood pellets and that can help you reduce your electricity bill.

Further insulate your accommodation

The last efficient solution to save electricity and live in a comfortable environment is to insulate the roof, walls, floor and windows.

We’ve shown you how you can reduce your energy consumption. But since everyone can make efforts to reduce their consumption, you might be interested in knowing how professionals do it. We therefore recommend you read our other article: What is green hosting and how does it work?


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