DIY to do when you’re bored

DIY to do when you’re bored
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Do you love DIY and are you always on the lookout for new projects to make? Well, you’re in the right place, because we’re never short of ideas when it comes to DIY! Hopefully, you’ll find something to your liking amongst the ideas we’ll present to you in this article!

Make garden furniture out of pallets

Furniture made from pallets have become quite trendy, and pallets are pretty easy to find!

When it comes to the tools you’ll need, a good hammer, some nails, and wood glue are the go-to. You can also use stainless steel nails, a screw-gun, and a drill. You’ll need those tools for basically any kind of DIY that uses pallets.

You’ll then need a pencil and a measuring tape, as well as paint for the final touches.

Make a barbecue from bricks

barbecue en brique dans le jardin

This is an awesome idea if you like to host dinner parties or if you simply like cooking food on a barbecue. The right spot for your barbecue is preferably somewhere covered.

The size of your barbecue will depend on the size of the grill, so find the one you want and then you’ll be able to determine the space required for your barbecue.

Build your own shed

A shed is useful if you want to store all your tools in a dedicated space. Of course, a shed can also be used to stock wood or salvage rain water.

The cheapest way to make a shed is to use second-hand pallets. For this to work, they’ll need to be the same size with closely grouped planks (if that’s not the case, you can always fill in the gaps with other planks). The number of pallets needed will of course depend on the size of the shed you want to build.

Build a henhouse

A henhouse is easy to make, and it can be home to animals other than hens: bunnies, puppies, etc.

By building a henhouse you can also, if that’s something you’re interested in, expand your activity: sell eggs for example. You can also make a pen depending on whether or not you think you’ll need one.

If you want to build a henhouse with wood, you’ll need several things: poles, wood planks, brackets, wire fence, a lock, a hinge… You’ll also need a hammer and a saw. A jigsaw and a drill can also be useful.

Make and install a nesting box

nichoir à oiseau Putting a nesting box in your garden may increase nest building around your property. This DIY idea is incredibly easy to make and doesn’t require a lot of materials.

Avoid using plywood and chipboard. You should instead use wood that can sustain humidity and that isn’t harmful, such as pine, spruce, or cedar.

It’s not necessary to plane the inside, or to paint the wood, but you can do so if you want to.

Make sure that the size of the entrance is tailored to the kind of birds you wish to attract. For the roof, one that you can remove will make cleaning the nesting box easier.

Build a plant carrier

If you have an indoor garden, then this DIY is for you. It will make your life so much easier when you want to put your plants outside during summer. Instead of breaking your back carrying them, you can build a plant carrier with pallets and wheels (you’ll also need cross-head screws), so you only have to place your plants on it and then push it like a trolley towards your destination.

Paint on aluminium

If you want to give a new, fresh look to aluminium objects, you can paint them! You’ll have to be careful though, because aluminium isn’t the easiest to cover with paint. But with practice, it will be a piece of cake!

Start by cleaning the object you wish to paint, then apply a layer of undercoat. Only then will you be able to properly paint it with latex acrylic paint. Varnishing isn’t mandatory, but can help make the end result even better as well as make the paint long-lasting.


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