Why collect employees’ opinions?

Why collect employees’ opinions?
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Collecting employees’ opinions is an important thing to do for any company that seeks to grow. After all, employees are the most well placed to give honest feedback regarding satisfaction in the workplace, challenges and difficulties faced, etc.

Down below are some benefits to collecting employees’ opinions.

Increase your company’s productivity

Employees have a crucial role in a company. It’s notably thanks to them that projects make progress, and if there is a positive atmosphere in the company. Their feedback will allow you to see what needs to be improved to make your employees feel better and perform better, which will improve productivity.

To do so, it’s better to use new technologies or a platform specialised in collecting employees’ opinion. That way you won’t have to call in your employees for an end of the year meeting to gather their point of view, since it’s all done online.

Moreover, this old-fashioned method is obsolete, since gathering your employees’ opinion once a year is not nearly enough to have a precise idea of what they’re really thinking. By using technology, you’ll be able to gather their opinions more often.

Improve your company’s brand image

Employees’ feedback can also allow the company to keep a good reputation. Indeed, the satisfaction of clients, business partners and suppliers is dependent on your employees’ one. It is more often than not thanks to your employees that clients are drawn to your website or other social media.

If you gather and publish your clients’ positive feedback, you can forge yourself a pretty good reputation. And you can also publish your employees’ positive feedback! By doing so, you’ll attract new customers and business partners.

However, if the employees’ feedback is negative and that nothing is done to improve their work condition, your brand image will suffer: you’ll lose clients, your turnover will decrease…

The consequences are numerous.

Attract the best candidates

Employees are often the first contact between a company and potential applicants, and it is thanks to them if your presence on platforms that gather company heads and job applicants is efficient. If employees’ feedback is positive, you’ll be able to appeal to the best candidates. This will allow you to further increase your teams’ performance.

Moreover, by collecting your employees’ opinions, you might realise that some employees have a hidden talent and that they’re suited for a promotion or for the development of new projects.

If you encourage your employees to give their opinion on the company’s new ideas, you can easily find new leaders. Collecting their opinion also reinforces the society’s image and the feeling that everyone in the company belongs to the same group.

How to improve your employees’ satisfaction?

Any company that wants to grow needs to care about their employees’ well-being in the workplace. To improve their satisfaction, you need, amongst other things, to:

  • Create a good physical work environment
  • Take actions to limit your employees’ stress
  • Create relationships based on trust, reciprocity, and mutual respect
  • Highlight your employees by expressing your satisfaction when they perform well
  • Boost your employees’ commitment by giving them more responsibility and autonomy
  • Be transparent with your employees

All of those things will make your employees feel better in the workplace, which means they’ll be more likely to give positive feedback, which in turn, will increase productivity and give you a good image. This also helps to improve the creativity and visibility of your company.

Don’t forget to listen to your employees, and take into account both their positive feedback and their demands.

The quality of the dialog between a company’s teams is the basis of a calm and motivating social climate.

To summarise, gathering employees’ feedback is important to improve productivity and the image of the company, but also to appeal to and keep talented people.


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