Valentine’s Day gift ideas

Valentine’s Day gift ideas
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Valentine’s Day is slowly approaching, and you may not know what gift to make for your partner. If that’s the case, don’t panic! We’re here to help. Whether you have a small budget, or a bigger one, you should find something in our article that suits you, or at least, that will give you ideas to make your loved one happy.

And remember: a gift’s value is not measured by its price, but by the thought you put into it.

A week-end gateway

If you have a big enough budget, taking a small week-end trip can be an amazing way to celebrate Valentine’s Day (admittedly not on the day itself, unless it falls on a week-end day) and make you and your partner forget about daily life troubles.

You can research online for an original trip, such as spending a night in a cabin in the woods, or in one of those bubbles where you can sleep under the starry sky. If you can, going on a trip in a neighbouring country is also a good idea.

Even though this idea requires a bigger budget and more preparation, there’s no doubt it will allow you to spend a lovely moment.

A candlelit dinner

If you’d rather do something on the day itself, or do something simpler than a week-end trip, a candlelit dinner in a good restaurant is an idea that is sure to please! Take your partner to their favourite restaurant (if you don’t know what it is, try to gather information on their favourite type of cuisine).

If you’d rather stay inside, you can also cook your own meal and have a candlelit dinner at home!

A personalised calendar

A personalised calendar (or any kind of personalised gift) is a very thoughtful gift to make. In the case of a calendar, you can choose your best couple photos and assign one to each month, that way you can have a beautiful album that you can enjoy throughout the year.

You can opt for a calendar to put on your wall, or one that can sit on your desk (which you could, for example, put on your desk at work).

Matching couple gifts

Stemming from the personalised gift idea above, there exists a large number of websites which make matching couple gifts. You can find all sorts of things: clothes, wine glasses, etc.

They can be incredibly cute, but if you want to go for something funnier and out-there, you can choose matching socks or underwear with your partner’s face on them.

A photocollage

As was said in the introduction of this article, a gift doesn’t need to be expensive to have value. What matters is that it comes from the heart. Therefore, if you don’t have a big budget and would rather make the gift yourself, why not make a photocollage for your partner? You could even, if you want to, have it printed so you can turn it into an amazing poster.

In the same vibe as this, you can also make a video montage of videos of you and your partner. Holiday videos for example, or if you both play video games, you could make a montage of your best in-game moments together. There are lots of possibilities, and your partner will be over the moon that you made them such a personal gift.


A gift that may sound cliché, but which importance must not be overlooked. Offering someone flowers is a beautiful gesture, and, unless the person is allergic, who doesn’t like receiving flowers?

If flowers are more often than not seen as a gift for women, don’t believe that men don’t want to receive them! They may not be vocal about it, but men pretty much never receive flowers, so the gesture will most likely mean a lot to them. You can go for the classic red roses, or learn more about flower language to choose flowers that will convey the meaning you want.

There are infinite possibilities when it comes to Valentine’s Day gifts. Whether it’s a gift from the list above, or something else like jewellery, plushies, books, high-tech, etc. you have a lot of options to make Valentine’s Day a special day for your significant other. The most important and beautiful gift of all being, obviously, to say ‘I love you’.


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