Anime With Awesome Technology

Anime With Awesome Technology
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Sci-fi anime are known for introducing interesting and futuristic tech. Some of this technology seems far-fetched but other tech is totally possible.

Popular Anime Technologies

Go through the top seven anime technologies from different fields. After reading this article, you can decide which anime best suits your interest.

1. Nerve Gear – Sword Art Online:

Sword Art Online

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The nerve gear from Sword Art Online is based on the concept of virtual reality. The technology of virtual reality has hit the real world, but it is very far away from the advancement shown in Sword Art Online. The nerve gear headset takes virtual reality to a different level because it takes a player in a virtual game world where he/she can use all of the senses as in real life.

It makes the gap between the real and virtual world so narrow that one cannot differentiate. Many people and gamers, specifically, would love to have this technology. Follow this anime if you have an interest in virtual reality technology.

 2. Cyberbrain – Ghost in The Shell:

ghost in the shell

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The original manga, Ghost in the Shell, having the Cyberbrain concept, was developed in the late 80s, so it’s totally ahead of its time. Well, the name suggests it all ‘Cyberbrain’, it’s a technology like no other. Cyberbrains are human brains aided by technology which enables them to form a network with other Cyberbrains and even connect to the internet.

This advanced technology can have endless possibilities. If Cyberbrain is made into reality, it will be the biggest achievement for humankind. Are you interested in brainpower and how technology can impact human brains? If yes, you should follow the futuristic anime “Ghost in The Shell.”

3. Anime on Artificial Intelligence – Psycho-Pass:


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Psycho-pass shows a world full of crime and disorder, and artificial intelligence is used for crime prediction; a person’s behavior is examined from the very beginning according to police standards to judge the possibility of committing a crime.

Imagine how many crimes can be prevented in the real world if we had such a technology that depicts crime before it happens. This anime also shows holograms that can change the appearance of a lot of things. This technology would be helpful too. So, if you’re interested in investigative activities, you should follow this anime for inspiration and ideas.

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4. Hoi Poi Capsules – Dragon Ball:

Dragon Ball

One of the most desired technologies of the science fiction works is Bulma’s Hoi Poi Capsules from the much-popular anime series Dragon Ball. Those tiny capsules can store anything from a bike to a complete house, from water to a boat, and also food! Imagine if you can carry everything that you may need, like water, food, shelter, car, etc., right in your pocket. Now that’s a technology that will be very useful to legit anybody.

5. Automail – Fullmetal Alchemist:

Fullmetal Alchemist

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The protagonists’ unique feature in the anime Fullmetal Alchemist is his prosthetic left leg and right hand called Automail. Automail is not a normal bionic limb; it has features like no requirement for an external source of energy, moving like a natural feature, etc., that makes it more versatile.

As shown in the series, Automail is far more useful than just carrying out everyday tasks; it can also be used to tackle combat situations, such as ease. Advanced bionic technologies like automatic can change the lives of many. So, if you have an interest in automation and bringing innovative ideas to the automation sector, you can follow this anime.

6. Anime for Synthetic Food – Loups= Garous:

Loups= Garous

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In the anime Loups= Garous, people who survived mass death from deadly virus must eat synthetic food and avoid physical contact to stay safe from the virus. The concept of synthetic food is very appealing as it can solve a whole bunch of existing problems of the world like hunger, poverty, and even diseases to an extent.

If technology brings a synthetic food having qualities like the presence of all nutrients, pure and sanitized, fulfilling, and affordable, then the world would definitely be a better place. So, if you have an interest in the area of synthetic food, this would be your ideal Anime.

7. Ref Board – Eureka Seven:

Eureka Seven:

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Reflection boards, popularly ‘ref boards’ from Eureka Seven, are similar to surfing boards except that they are used for surfing the skies. How cool is that? According to the anime, surfing the sky is enabled by Trapar waves, transparency light particles, which is a form of energy. This technology may have limited beneficial uses like traveling to distant places on the go, but it is sure it will fulfill an evergreen desire because who doesn’t want to surf the sky?

Today’s unrealistic dream inspires tomorrow’s technology. Science fiction is one such field that deals with imaginative and advanced concepts of technology, and many of those concepts are turned into reality after years of hard work by the inspired dreamers. Sincerely hoping for these wonderful technological concepts to become a reality someday.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, the above information has helped you to know the most useful Anime technology that can change the future. As mentioned above, all the Anime technologies have different applications, and you can choose based on your area of interest. For example, if you have interests in crime and artificial intelligence, you can choose Psycho-Pass. If you’re concerned about disease caused by synthetic food, you can follow the Loups=Garous Anime. Please don’t hesitate to share which Anime you are going to follow from the above list.


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