Camping in France: a “record” season for bookings in 2022

Camping in France: a “record” season for bookings in 2022
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Did you say camping in France ? France is rich of places to escape or to have fun. Many French people as well as “local” Europeans are visiting France every summer for camping. Curiously, for this 2022 season, we have remarked a surprising increase in the number of campers in the Hexagon. This truly indicates a record season for booking this year.

The covid 19 pandemic, a major impact on headcount growth

So far, the sanitary crisis appears to have consequences on travelers’ behaviors. Although, the question is “Why do we still find an increase in the number of holidaymakers?”. The answer is simple. Everyone was fed up of the 2021 lockdown. It’s now time to catch up the lost times, and make the most of the of the holidays opportunities. So camping in France is now coming with a great energy for this year of 2022.

Camping in France: a successful easter week-end for this year

After a good resistance of the 2021 pandemic, the outdoor hotel industry shows the first encouraging signs this year. Indeed, the FNHPA (Fédération Nationale de l’Hotellerie de Plein Air) notes an early start to the season, with a very good Easter week-end. The latter was marked by remarkable occupancy rates for rental accommodation on campsites, which are around 55%.

This positive tendency is also confirmed with high occupation rates of 48% for the spring holidays, also detailed by the FNHA.

Camping in France: a ascension surprising week-end

The camping in France had also been a great success for the Ascension week end (26-29 May). Indeed, this week end had presented a very high level of booking with rental accommodation. We have noticed a growth of 10% in terms of rental, compares to the same period in 2019. However, it was an exceptional Ascension weekend, representing a “real trial run” of the high season.

Feed-back on the number of bookings this month of June 2022

Increase of booking in June 2022

We have particularly noticed that French people continue to love open air holidays. According to Nicolas Dayot, we can expect a “record summer” for camping in France this year. He also adds that, compared to the month of June 2021, we have attained 21% more bookings in June 2022. It could even exceed 130 millions of global overnight stays in 2022, which has never been achieved in the history of camping in France.

The return of foreign customers

The summer high season is also looking almost promising, especially this July. At the beginning, we have counted a growth of 47% of online bookings compared to 2019.

Despite the fact that the war in Ukraine brought a halt to bookings at campsites, it has picked up for the following 15 days. Also a good surprise for the professional in the sector, as the gap usually remarked in the first days of July is tending to be filled.

Of course, even if the customers should still be mainly French this year, the camping in France is seeing a progressive return of foreign customers (local Europeans).We are particularly waiting for this year of 2022, to see a big meeting with the Germans and the Swiss. The Italians, the Spanish, the British and the Dutch do not seem to have fully recovered their pre-crisis tourist habits.

Camping in France: a season that is getting longer

Camping in France is getting longer

Since always, the coast is the most popular destination for tourists. It’s reaching record booking level, particularly in Nouvelle Aquitaine, Occitanie, Bretagne, and in the Côte d’Azur. Also, the success of the countryside and the mountains is confirmed. Indeed, the FNHPA notes a regain of attractiveness for rural territories, such as the Bourgogne Franche Comté region or the Grand- Est region.

It should be noted that all the campsites categories (1,2,3,4,5 stars) benefit from this dynamic. It also concerns all types of accommodation, both bare pitches and rental accommodation.

The signals are also favorable for the following wings of the season: April, May, June, September and October. The FNHPA states: “Following on from the early start of the season, the months of September and October look promising, with dynamics of increase in bookings”. According to this, many campsites are planning to stay open latter than in previous years, until mid-October or even until the All Saints’ holydays for some.


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