7 Jobs in Graphic Design

7 Jobs in Graphic Design
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Omnipresent in society, graphic design is an artistic field that benefits communication. Graphic design consists in creating and using graphic elements to illustrate an idea, a message… any kind of information. Graphic design is involved in numerous domains such as advertising, video game making, architecture, etc.

This article will talk about 7 jobs that involve graphic design, which could give you ideas for your future career if it is something you’re interested in.

Graphic Designer

The graphic designer is a specialist in communication. Their job is to turn written documents into a visual element. For this, they use typography, colours, paper, etc. to make the original message more impactful. They can even create logos, if it is required. Their goal is to catch the consumer’s attention and to ensure that the correct information is conveyed.

However, the graphic designer needs to respect the demands of the people they work for. They can work for an agency, for an editorial team, but also as a freelancer and work on commission.

Computer Graphics Designer

The computer graphics designer has a more technical role compared to the graphic designer. They create 2D or 3D models for different media (usually web pages) but also for paper media or video games. They use DPT (desktop publishing) software to create logos, posters, photomontages…

Web designer

A web designer’s job is both in graphic design and IT. They’re in charge of creating the overall aspect of a web page, by using illustrations, typography, photos, colour… They define the visual identity of the site (according to the client’s wishes) and for this they need to think about the target audience, and the possible technical constraints. The web designer can also be in charge of creating the design of online shops’ interfaces.

Game Designer

The game designer has a significant role in the creation of a video game. They develop the gameplay, by creating characters, scenes, places, rules to abide to… They imagine an entire universe, with actions and behaviours that the future player will have to interact with. They ensure that the world is harmonious and it is their job to ensure the player has the best possible gaming experience.

Artistic Director

They usually work in a communication agency, and they are in charge of the visual aspect of the project.

Their missions can be separated in 3 parts:

  • Conception: they offer visual communication with the aid of drawings, graphs, etc.
  • Negotiation: they negotiate with the buyer and present arguments to make their project as credible as possible
  • Technical monitoring: they manage and supervise the members of their team


They create images and drawings for a story or an idea. Their work is incredibly varied: they can work on children’s books, a book cover, an advert, etc.

They have multiple tools at their disposal such as drawings, paintings, collages, but also different types of software.

Every illustrator has a style of their own, which allows them to differentiate themselves.

Layout Artist

They are a specialist when it comes to designing layouts. They can work on paper (for a journal, a novel…) but also on digital products such as websites. They need to respect the client’s bill of specifications and their goal is to arrange the page(s) in a way that makes them appealing. They aim for a visual balance, a harmony. The layout artist needs to create emotion within the reader, so they want to know more about the product.

As we’ve seen, there are several jobs in the realm of graphic design. Some of those jobs are closely linked together, they can complete each other. There are also people who can be both graphic designers and illustrators for example.

There are many more jobs in communication, such as front-end developer or product designer. It is then your move to find out what jobs appeals to you the most!


Holder of a Publishing bachelor and a Creative Writing masters, Iridiä is an artist, a nerd, and a notorious cat-lover, who spends most of her time either writing or playing video games.

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