The best models of professional 3D printers

The best models of professional 3D printers
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There are a lot of professional 3D printers on the market, which makes it pretty hard to decide which one to go for when you want to buy one.

Indeed, not every model will have what it takes to produce first-class results. You’ll therefore have to be careful when choosing your 3D printer, in order to buy one capable of producing high-quality renderings. This is why this article offers you a selection of the best kinds of 3D printers.

3D printers: what are they?

Unlike traditional 2D printers, a 3D printer is used to create real objects in 3 dimensions:

  • Height
  • Width
  • Depth

You do so by using a model registered in a digital format. By overlaying several coats, the printer successfully creates a solid object. For an optimal use of the printer, you can buy 3D filament spools made for 3D printers.

Used nowadays in fields such as medicine, energy, construction, automobile, etc. this type of printing can be done with several materials.

Be it with wood, aluminium, or ceramic, 3D printers are capable of feats. For this purpose, it’s important to know which model to buy.

The best models

Some models stand out by their reliability and their efficiency.

Flashforge Dreamer Double Extruder

This is a model created by the brand Flashforge. This model is composed of a CPU ARM Context-M4 processor, and is able to make quick calculations. It works thanks to an LCD multilingual touch screen, and makes printings using the modelling by drop-off of molten threads method. This model also has a locking system and a detachable cover.

It’s one of the best models currently available with its impressive precision of 0.1 to 0.2 millimetres. It even has an automatic paused function when it’s not being used. You’ll like this model for sure!

Prusa Research Original I3 MK3S+

This model is a high-quality product meant for the general public. It’s made by the brand Prusa Research, one of the best manufacturers of this kind of products, meaning it’s a reliable model, capable of creating outstanding printings. It has an open lid and is able to be personalised.

It is equipped with several features that will no doubt satisfy the professionals. Even better, this 3D printer is Open Source, meaning it can be upgraded following the latest innovations and techniques.

Sigma D25

The Sigma D25 is a 3D machine that can offer a large printing format. Made by BCND Technologies, this model allows to simultaneously print 2 objects thanks to its independent heads. This therefore makes the printing process quicker, since you can get 2 identical objects at the same time. Like the majority of current models, this printer has Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, an USB port and an SD card port.

This is one of the newest 3D printers, and some of its features are still little known.

MakerBot Method X

You have here a 3D printer with an incredible performance. This model is also an office device. Made by the brand MakerBot, this model is capable of making printings of ABS filaments in an effective way. Equipped with a 5-inch screen, it is a powerful tool that offers a great calibration. You can also make filament permutations. With its 0.2mm precision, it is an extremely precise machine. Having a heated printing chamber, it is currently one of the best office equipment, and is popular with numerous clients.

Ultimaker S5

There comes another office device capable of printing impeccable 3D objects. What makes this model stand out is the fact that it can be controlled via a mobile app. The brand Ultimaker is the manufacturer of this machine, which has a built-in camera, extremely useful to monitor your printings from afar. When you add the Pro Bundle to it, it becomes, in the eyes of many, the ultimate 3D printing device. It is therefore an optimal choice when you want to get such a device to print your ideas. Its performance, its simplicity, and its reliability make this model loved by everyone.

The benefits of a 3D printer

A 3D printer has several benefits. Its primary goal is to create 3D objects. It is, for example, used to create toys for children or plastic objects. The other benefit of such a device is its capacity to repair broken objects by modelling the damaged 3D object on a computer. The device is therefore meant to enhance your living conditions by making daily tasks easier.


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